Instagram Guide for Fashion Bloggers

50+ Secrets your favourite Instagrammers are using to get millions of followers, likes and comments

  • Promote your Blog, YouTube Channel or your eBook
  • Share your pictures with people who will be excited to see them
  • Get 1,000s of likes and comments on each post, from real people

Do you need more followers, comments of likes on Instagram?

Our mission to empower bloggers like you, who want to inspire and connect with people all over the world. If you have an instagram account with only a few followers, it’s impossible to have an impact.

It can also be demotivating and feel like you are wasting your time posting images that don’t get any attention.

As one of Europe’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies, we have spent the last 3 years deconstructing the most successful Instagram accounts and talking to the great minds behind the leading fitness, travel, fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle blogs. After carefully analysing what the successful ones have done to get hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s clear that it’s not luck. You need to learn how to “work the system” with best practice, which we have put into this guide…

What you will learn…

This isn’t a list of hacks or scams. No overnight fixes either, so you don’t have to worry about Instagram shutting your account down.

We have pulled together a list of more than 50+ of the best tried and tested techniques and explained how you should make use of them. We even show you how some of the most popular bloggers and global brands are using them to build huge, engaged communities to…

Teach and inspire

Build a platform for passion, share your makeup, styling tips and tutorials to help others gain confidence from your ideas and experience

Develop relationships

Make it easy for like-minded people to discover your work who share your passion and want to join you on your journey

Save time & money

Make the most of what you have now and avoid having to spend thousands in the future by gaining the skills and confidence that comes with being in control

Connect Globally

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion for fashion

Connect with influencers

Connect with influencers and work together to push each other forward

Drive engagement

Rather than buying fake followers, build a community of real people who comment, like, subscribe and, share your content for you

Build an Engaged Community

Discover how we create large engaged communities of people who will share your passion and look forward to your every post with excitement

Increase visitors & traffic

Understand how to drive traffic from Instagram to your blog or boutique and how to get visitors back each time you create new content

Promote your business

Take control of your time by learning how to make money from your account so you can focus on your passion and working with brands…

What our readers say…

“Instagram is a big part of our business. We’ve only used a few of the strategies in the handbook and so far we’ve built a community of more than 80,000 people!! We have every intention of trying the rest! Thank you xxxxx”- Kay Carrol CEO, Gold Getter

“Thank you sooo much for your kindness, I truly appreciate what you did to me. Things been very good after I followed up your blogging tips, now I have 12.8K followers on instagram so thank you so much. My plans for the new year, hmm I might start my own online shop at the begging of the year so wish me luck, and please if you have any advice for me on how I can start an online shop do not hesitate to give me some :). ”- Ruba

“Thank you so much, I love your guide, it has helped me get more than 10,000 followers!” – Sahar

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