Influncers + Shopify = £298k (…!?)

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Everybody knows, whether you are new to eCommerce or, have spent some time (and money) online, already, being able to find a consistent and scalable source of customers is the real challenge.

We have spent the last 4 years deconstructing the most successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns. We’ve talked to the great minds behind the leading fitness, fashion, beauty, homeware & lifestyle eCommerce businesses.

We then went on to test hundreds of campaigns for ourselves and for our projects. Allowing us to gain experience across a wide range of stores.

After carefully analysing the successful and failed campaigns, we ended up with some processes and routines that started to get amazing results.

We’ve further developed our processes to build a toolkit we now use everytime we are going to promote a store…

Download our…

eCommerce &
Instagram Influencer

Our Toolkit is an illustrated guide that documents exactly how we drive consistent sales and, grow our Shopify stores with Instagram’s most influential accounts.

Our aim was to create a quick, foolproof process for any member of our team. The result is a step-by-step guide that has gone through multiple iterations. It now shows you how to navigate all of the key stages of a Shoutout so you minimise your risks and create high converting promotions.

You can download our Toolkit and implement our knowledge in your business:

  • Identify why you may have lost money in the past
  • Understand how effective Shoutouts work in detail
  • Create campaigns perfect for your store
  • Learn all our tricks for maximising value

…get the answers to key questions…

If you’ve taken one of our courses you know we don’t do hacks or scams. No overnight fixes either, simply follow the process and gain a deeper understanding of your business.

How much should I pay?

Discover what you should pay for a Shoutout in your niche and, how to get a discount of up to 30%

How can I stop wasting money?

90% of shoutouts don’t make any money we explain why and, how to ensure your shoutouts are in the 10%

Who is a real Influencer?

Learn how to spot accounts with fake followers and the accounts that will generate the most impact for your store

What about Facebook Ads?

Relying on Facebook Ads or SEO alone is dangerous because if anything changes you lose your income. Mastering shoutouts can keep your business alive.

How do I increase engagement?

We’ll show you how to make a Shoutout that creates 6x the impact of your competitors

How can I develop brand credibility?

Rather than buying fake followers, build a community of real people engage with your posts and buy your products

…and our secret weapon

The Instagram Influencer Campaign Tracker

Gaining a firm understanding of your competition: who operates; who has the most impact; who offers the best rates …can’t be left to guesswork. You might be running your Shopify from your bedroom but this is a real business and needs to be operated like one – with data backed decisions.

We know the details of any market we operate in because we constantly collect data on thousands of influencers. The data is only useful because we ensure that it’s simple to manage and, easy to understand at a glance.

  • Quickly identify the best deals for you
  • Create detailed ROI breakdowns
  • Lower your cost, maximise revenue
  • I am really passionate selling inspirational items for the home. I have been building my brand for 4 years now. I mainly used to sell at markets across the city. As a mother, I knew I wanted to move online so I wouldn’t have to worry about dragging my daughter along. Being able to consistently drive sales with Instagram after following your Process Notes has been a game changer for us.

    Natalie M.

Everybody knows Shoutouts work

If your buyers are on Instagram, you will be making sales – once you know what you are doing.


…join the thousands of successful store owners…

  • I am really passionate selling inspirational items for the home. I have been building my brand for 4 years now. I mainly used to sell at markets across the city. As a mother, I knew I wanted to move online so I wouldn’t have to worry about dragging my daughter along. Being able to consistently drive sales with Instagram after following your Process Notes has been a game changer for us.

    Natalie M.
  • Building a Vegan brand is all about credibility. Being able to share the products we care about is so much easier when someone who has got an engaged community recommends the products. It’s such a powerful process. We have been able to get amazing sales, much more than we anticipated would be possible. I haven’t had much marketing experience in the past so learning each step was important for me.

    Claudia C.
    Vegan Friendly Products

That’s not all!

If you download our Toolkit today, get access to a special bonus!


Access to our list of 20,000 Fashion or Fitness Influencers

We’ve done a lot of legwork over the years and gathered lots of data along the way.

As we are all about Fashion & Beauty but we also care about Health & Fitness, we’ll give you access to a list of 20,000 of the most influential accounts either niche to help you get started.

Simply download the list that works for you to get started.

What’s the cost?

Countless hours of professionals working over 3-4 years, developing strategies, tools and gathering data…

eCommerce and Influencer Process Notes
The Campaign Tracker
List of 20,000 Influencers

which you can simply download in the next 5 minutes…

At Armoury Digital, we’d charge our clients thousands for our consultation and managing their campaigns. But, you can download our hugely successful pack, that has helped Shopify owners just like you to reach their goals.

For an investment of $47 – Less than an average basket size. You are going to get access to…

  • Unique content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Backed by years research & experimentation
  • Clear, actionable, step by step instructions


Download Now – $47

gold_guarantee-150x150There’s no reason not to test this opportunity

If you’re not satisfied with the pack for any reason. Simply let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are that this unique pack will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have tried shoutouts already and they didn't work for me?

If you have tried Shoutouts in the past but have been unsuccessful, this might imply that you need our help.

To keep things short, there are multiple reasons why a Shoutout might not work: targeting, funnel, the post, timing, the offer… this is why our Process Notes don’t simply cover a brief/ vague overview, like a blog post. Each one of these stages has a section of the Process Notes dedicated to it. Much like if you were given Process Notes at your job.

When you download the Process Notes PDF, you will see a section on each stage of the funnel process, telling you how to set them up properly. Additionally, there is another section which explains what to look for and if something isn’t right.

We highly recommend the Process Notes for you if you are in this situation.

What if I am not happy with the Information in the pack?

Simply send us an email letting us know and we will refund your purchase.

Will this work for me if I am not in Fashion or Fitness?


We have run Shoutouts in multiple niches and with different types of products. They key thing to be sure of first is that there is a community of people in the type of people who will be interested in your products.

If you know there are #tags for your community or accounts with lots of followers talking about your product or the interests related to it, then you can make money selling with Influencers.

Will this work for me if I am not in the US or UK?


Influencers are all over the world, as long as you can contact them via email and have a Paypal account to pay them with. You are fine.

We have even done successful Shoutout campaigns for people who have physical locations.

Will this work if I am Dropshipping?


Most of the people we have worked with are.

What formats are the downloads in?

PDFs, Plain Text, Exel or Google Sheets (depending on your preference).

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal and all major credit/ debit cards…

What if my store isn't hosted by Shopify?

Not a problem. You can still use this pack.

Many of our sites are run on WooCommerce and Squarespaces. The processes will be the same for all eCommerce platforms, but you will need to be able to gather data on website visits.

Stop wasting time. Start selling…

Download the Process Notes, Campaign Tracker and Bonuses Now for less than your average order value.

  • Unique content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Backed by research and years of testing
  • Examples featuring top bloggers and big brands
  • Step by step instructions for beginners & seasoned pro’s
  • Links to more than 20 valuable resources

All ready for you to start taking advantage of, right now.


Download Now – $47