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Discover everything you need to have ready to launch a professional lifestyle, beauty or fashion blog with WordPress. The step-by-step guide to get online and saving thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.

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Set yourself up for success…

Your website or blog is the foundation of everything you do online and one of the first things people will want to see before considering hiring you. Think about it, how often do you buy things before checking them out online?

To give yourself the best possible chance of gaining premium clients, working with Brands, PR companies and other bloggers you need to have a website that reflects a professional tone and, you need to have a brand that they will be happy to align with.

This is going to be one of our most important courses. It’s been created show you how to get up and running in a couple of days rather than months, with a blog that looks like you have paid a professional web designer thousands of dollars to serve a key element of your business. While our original intention was to create a course that will get you online, we’ve packed it full of valuable insights to ensure that it serves as a key reference point, you will come back to again, and again throughout your blogging career.

Once you have completed this course, you will have a blog that positions you as a professional blogger…

Discover how to…

Connect Globally

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion for exploring the world or are just getting started

Develop relationships

Make it easy for like-minded people to discover your work who share your passion and want to join you on your journey; PR agencies, bloggers…

Showcase your talent

Confidently showcase your practice and lifestyle ideas with a professional blog and show what you are capable of to brands and clients and followers

Save time & money

Learn how to quickly create a WordPress blog in a day that looks like you have paid a graphic designer $5,000+ without you needed to know how to code!

Teach & Inspire

Leverage your story, experience and lifestyle to help others develop their practice with your ideas and passion

Build a business

Build a community who will be interested in your products and services who will support you whenever you run a promotion

More than 46 lessons packed with actionable content for building a blog you can be proud of

Mobile Friendly

Your blog will look great on desktops, tablets and smartphones

Ad Friendly

If you want to monetise your website, you can add ad’s that don’t ruin the reader’s experience

Image Sliders

Add multiple images to posts in a professional and engaging way

Elegant Simple Design

Present your ideas, lessons and images on a professional platform

Social Buttons

Make it easy for followers to help promote your content

Multiple Layouts & Colours

Ensure your content looks it’s best and the design of your site represents your brand

Integrate Instagram

Show off your posts and invite your blog readers to follow you on Instagram

SEO Optimised

Appear in Google searches when people are looking for you or your content

Link to your eBay or Etsy shop

You can easily link to your eBay or Etsy shop to promote new products and sales

Step-by-step, illustrated tasks…

This course is broken down into 6 modules covering all of the essentials you need to create a professional presence online

  • 1. Planning for Success

    Blogging can be a hugely time-consuming process with very little reward when you don’t know what you are doing, it’s not uncommon for bloggers to go years without getting anything out of it. To ensure you don’t waste any time, the guide starts off by laying out the processes developed at Armoury Digital to put bloggers on the right track. This will keep you working productively so you only invest your time in creating content that will resonate with your chosen community.

  • 2. Getting your brand right

    Once you have got the foundations in place the guide walks you through creating a brand that will distance you from unprofessional blogs/ websites and align you with what brands, PR companies and followers expect.

    As soon as you are happy with your brand, we will show you how to get all of your social networks and the “.com” so you can be consistent and always look like a professional, wherever people find you on the internet.

  • 3. Creating your website

    Then you will learn how  to quickly create a blog in just a matter of days, that looks like you have paid a graphic designer $5,000+, without you needing learn know how to code!

    You will learn how to get an awesome design that fits your brand perfectly and how to build your site, using illustrated step-by-step lessons. Easy for absolute beginners and those that are aren’t confident with tech.

  • 4. Adding content and structuring your website

    Then we move on to making your website look like a blog. Adding the various pages, contact forms, menus, sidebars… all of the features that make it easy for people to find your content and learn about you.

  • 5. Creating Engaging Content and correct formatting

    In this module we then show you how to create content properly ensuring that you become confident using the tools and platforms that the pro’s use. You might have the right ideas about helping people and what you want to say but, if you can’t get your ideas across in an engaging and professional manner people won’t be engaged and will lose out on your value. This module breaks down all of the features you can use to make your content engaging and looks professional. Every time.

  • 6. Adding functionality and features

    Good content and presentation are essential to building a brand online but adding the right functionality to your site creates the effect of multiplying your efforts. Adding essential features like image sliders, making your site Search Engine Friendly, allowing your followers to promote your posts by simply clicking on share buttons, analytics for tracking how many people come to your site and what content they like…

    Having the right tools makes all the difference if you are serious about building a business online. This module tells you what those features are and how to set them up.

What readers say…

  • I am really passionate selling inspirational items for the home. I have been building my brand for 4 years now. I mainly used to sell at markets across the city. As a mother, I knew I wanted to move online so I wouldn’t have to worry about dragging my daughter along. Being able to consistently drive sales with Instagram after following your Process Notes has been a game changer for us.

    Natalie M.
  • Building a Vegan brand is all about credibility. Being able to share the products we care about is so much easier when someone who has got an engaged community recommends the products. It’s such a powerful process. We have been able to get amazing sales, much more than we anticipated would be possible. I haven’t had much marketing experience in the past so learning each step was important for me.

    Claudia C.
    Vegan Friendly Products

Become a confident blogger with a brand you can be proud of…

  • Unique content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Screenshots of each stage
  • Clear, actionable, step by step instructions for beginners
  • Links to more than 20 valuable resources
  • All broken down into manageable sections
  • Learn on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Study around your job, at your own pace


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