This site and the guides associated with it have been produced by Armoury Digital, a leading Digital Marketing company based in London, for the purpose of equipping Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers who want to get online and build a community.

All of the guides have been created with the aim to take people with little or no experience, though all of the processes needed to get a blog online and to make it successful.

About Armoury Digital

The team at Armoury Digital have been building websites and marketing online for more than 8 years. The team bring more than 8 years experience, working on everything from small one-page websites through to projects with budgets of tens of thousands of pounds.

Armoury Digital also serves clients and friends who run blogs that get 10’s of thousands of readers every month, using the techniques shared on this platform. Many clients have been able to make the shift from having a job to working for themselves, and now live off the money they make from their blogs.

Why create this site and the guides?

When you work in digital marketing, one of the most common things that happen is, being introduced to someone who immediately asks or says something along the lines of:

“I have a great idea for a blog… I love [popular blog] but, I have no idea where to start.”

And the most common question of all is…

“Can you make me a blog for free?”

Many of the people who ask have just gotten into their industry or have been interning for some time. They have great ideas but, not much money. Which is a real shame.

The team decided they would still like to help as many of these people as possible but, as an agency, it’s not possible to justify the cost of sitting down with each blogger to make a blog or website. There is so much else involved, it would eat up huge amounts of time. So it was agreed the best way to help as many people as possible would be to put the most important elements into actionable guides.