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Become an influencer online by learning how to create a professional fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog


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Build a business online selling your own or, wholesale products. This course will teach you how to start your own online boutique


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Hopefully, you’re here because you are an aspiring blogger buzzing with all sorts of awesome ideas for a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog, and you are ready to build a platform to share your creativity with the world.

If so, you have come the perfect place. We are on a mission to help 10,000 fashionistas to reach their goals of building businesses and helping others online.

You are about to discover everything you need to launch a professional blogging career. From the process to getting online and saving thousands of dollars by doing it yourself, though to running it as a business.

Our mission to empower bloggers who want to inspire the world, but are having a little trouble know and where to get started.

No matter where you are starting from; on a tight budget? Haven’t managed to get your community bigger than your close friends? No idea about the right tools and strategies that all the career bloggers use? – no problem, we are here to help.

Here, you will learn how to build a blog, community and then your business…

Connect Globally

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion

Teach and inspire

Build a platform for passion, share your makeup, styling tips and tutorials to help others gain confidence from your ideas and experience

Develop relationships

Make it easy for like-minded people to discover your work who share your passion and want to join you on your journey

Become a #GirlBoss

Take control of your time by learning how to make money from your blog so you can work on it as much or as little as you want: building businesses, working with brands…

Showcase your talent

Confidently showcase your work with a professional blog show what you are capable of to future employers, brands and people interested in collaborations

Connect with influencers

Leverage other people’s communities by knowing who to connect with and how to get them to want to work with you to help build your community

Drive engagement

Rather than buying fake followers, build a community of real people who comment, like, subscribe and share your content for you

Save time & money

Make the most of what you have now and avoid having to spend thousands in the future by gaining the skills and confidence that comes with being in control

Express Yourself

Use your blog as a creative outlet, develop your skills and showcase your progress while connecting with like-minded people

Build Engaged Communities

Create an engaged community of people who share your passion and look forward to your every post with excitement

Increase blog visitors & traffic

Understand how to drive traffic from all over the web to your blog or social accounts and how to get visitors back each time you create new content

Promote your shop

Increase sales by driving awareness and targeted traffic to your ebay, etsy, online or offline boutique, so you can spend more time focused on you passion


Don’t be a typical blogger, learn how to be a successful one…

What you will find in our courses and guides…

Easy to understand

You can’t make use of what you can’t understand so each guide is written in simple english, with images and a step-by-step process to follow, so you know what to do at each step


If you can’t do anything with information, it is as good as useless, so each guide has been created to walk you though or empower when taking the next steps along your journey

Tried and tested

Rather than giving you a brief overview in a blog post, each guide covers everything you would need to know so the guide will become a key reference point throughout your blogging career


We link to some of the best tools and resources across the internet so you don’t have to waste time trying different platforms, you can confidently know you are working with the best

Tools and resources

To ensure that all the information is useful and that you can benefit from it, we speak to bloggers, supporting businesses and add digital marketing best practices so you can be confident in getting results

Good to go

Guides aren’t useful if you can’t access them which is why we have chosen to make them in “ebook”/ PDF format, which means you can save them on your phone, laptop or tablet and have them with you where and when ever you need them


Join more than 5,800 fashionistas who have already invested in their careers…

What a few of our students have said recently…

Ruba Hamad

“…Things been very good after I followed up your blogging tips, now I have 20 thousand followers on Instagram so thank you so much. My plans for the new year, hmm I might start my own online shop…”


Kit Lee – Style Slicker

“If you want to take professional blogging seriously, this is the book for you. Great tips and advice.”



Kay Carrol CEO, Gold Getter

“Instagram is a big part of our business. We’ve only used a few of the strategies in the handbook and so far we’ve built a community of more than 80,000 people!! We have every intention of trying the rest! Thank you xxxxx”


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